SeeMore putters received a lot of press coverage back in 1999 when Payne
Stewart used one on his way to winning the U.S. Open at Pinehurst where
in the final round, head to head with Phil Mickelson, he seemed to make

Not only did the company benefit from the publicity but gained the impetus
to expand their model lines.

Until now SeeMore putters have all been center shafted, no hosel designs
with a patented alignment system located at the rear of the putter head’s
top edge consisting of a red dot flanked by two white lines.

At address when the red dot is hidden from view by the lower part of the
shaft, the putter face is square to the line of the eyes. So, assuming the
eyes are on the proper line all that’s left to do is make a good stroke
keeping the red dot hidden, back and through.
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SeeMore mSeries DB4 putters
By ED TRAVIS, Editor
SeeMore DB4 putter in
black satin finish.
In spite of that publicity the company
could not make a go of it so in 2006
two industry veterans, Jim
Grundberg and Jason Pouliot both
formerly with market-dominant
Odyssey Putter, bought SeeMore.
The duo engineered a re-launch of
SeeMore and right away they hit pay

In 2007 Zach Johnson, who had
been one of SeeMore’s early
adopters using it first on the
Nationwide and then on the PGA
Tour, won the Masters putting with a
to be moved from on the top of the putter head to a collar at the top of the hefty
looking hosel. This change in placement gave SeeMore the way to make its’
first heel-shafted offset model, by far the most popular type of putter.

Grundberg said in a release, “The new DB4, like all of the SeeMore putters
before it, is one that solves one of the most fundamental problems in putting,
that of consistently accurate alignment at address. It offers the confidence to
make a fundamentally solid and repeatable putting stroke each and every

The mSeries DB4 putters are available in either a ‘platinum finish’
(MSRP$325) or a black satin finish ($295).
Simple and it obviously works for
some players while others feel it’s
too much to think about.

However there is no doubt the red
dot/white lines aid helps build a
repeating inside-to-square-to-
inside stroke, the stroke taught by
some of the best instructors who
say this “door opening door
closing” motion is more natural
since there’s no manipulation of the
putter face.

Now SeeMore is beating the drum
for the just introduced mSeries DB4
line that for the first time features a
heel shafted ‘plumber’s neck’ hosel
allowing the red dot and white lines
SeeMore mSeries DB4 putter showing
red dot/shite lines alignment aid
moved to top of hosel